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Find Veteran candidates faster

Veterans are a powerful untapped talent pool

Retention Rates

Veterans stay with their inital company 8.3% longer than nonveterans.


Veterans are 39% more likely to be promoted earlier than nonveterans.


Veterans are 160% more likely than nonveterans to have a graduate degree or higher.


Veterans with bachelor’s degrees have 2.9% more work expirence than nonveterans.

Source: LinkedIn Veteran Opportunity Report

Vet Journey Wholistically guides service members

Our relentless emphasis on the entire military to civilan transition equips soon-to-be veterans with a personalized expirence.

By focusing on the entire Veteran journey, we are able to partner with service memebers as early as 12 months out from seperation.

Our approach best prepares service members for post-military careers and provides veteran talent planning foresight for innovative campanies.

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